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Food packaging

Flexographic printing for the food industry

Suppliers of printed food packaging in Norfolk and nationwide

Polyprint produces very high quality printed food packaging using a variety of substrates for the food packaging industry, including banana bags, bread bags and many other custom printed plastic bags. Our bakery bags and printed confectionery bags are used nationwide in supermarkets and wholesalers, keeping food fresh for longer and promoting food brands.

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Why opt for printed food packaging from Polyprint?

  • Printed plastic food packaging is a popular choice for many leading manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Our high quality print means your brand is represented with pride on your packaging.
  • Nutritional and other required information can be easily displayed without the need for bulky packaging.
  • Our experts will ensure you get the best from your design and advise you on the best plastic bag or packaging option for your specific product.
  • We supply a range of styles and sizes of bags and wraps that can be printed, meaning you can find the perfect option for your product.
  • Plastic is a lightweight and easy to transport option when it is not in use, cutting down on your transit costs, carbon footprint and storage requirements.
  • Plastic protects your products from contamination, including dust, moisture and nasty odours that could otherwise spoil your goods.
  • Along with other recycling stations nationally, Polyprint can recycle your packaging once it has served its purpose.
flexographic printing wholesale bags
Printed food packaging with nutrition
Printed wholesale bags potatoes carrots

Quality food packaging with high speed turnaround

We use four high speed Uteco eight-colour flexopresses which means that we can boast some of the most modern and sophisticated machinery operating anywhere in Europe, running 24 hours a day. This gives us a huge high-speed flexographic printing capacity, enabling us to turn round client orders quickly, as well as ensuring they are printed to the very highest standards.

We use a folding machine to convert SWS films to CFS film-on-the-reel to supply specialist fresh produce packers. We work with many of the foremost food manufacturers and retailers in the UK to provide an efficient, cost-effective product, on time, every time.

High quality food packaging printing

 In partnership with one of the UK’s leading food packaging suppliers, Polyprint operates an ultra-accurate laser perforation process on our printed food packaging, that helps give perishable foods a longer shelf life. Polyprint operates two air hole punching machines processing various types of films for fresh produce packaging. We can supply anti-mist and freezer grade films for fresh produce and baked goods.

Our wholesale plastic bags can be printed on low density polythene, as well as Cast Polypropylene (CPP) and Orientated Polypropylene (OPP), all of which can also be hole-punched, laser-perforated or folded as required for using on flow wrap packing machines.

We also print wicketed bags for the food industry, which can be printed to reflect a brand, logo or product name. These can then be used in store with a wire bracket dispenser, allowing self service areas for fresh fruit, vegetables or bakeries. Our food bags are also used for the prepackaging of produce, offering protection to fruit and bread whilst in transit or in store.

Our plastic printed wholesale bags can be found in all major supermarkets enclosing a multitude of goods and we work with various industry partners to continuously develop new products to deliver better performance as well as minimising the impact on the environment.

If you are searching for printed food packaging for your produce, you can trust that our skilled staff will supply you with a high quality, printed product, to suit your requirements.

Printed Polythene Food Packaging


Printed vegetable packaging

Our printed fresh produce packaging is suitable for a wide range of fruit and vegetables, including potatoes, carrots, apples etc. Our food packaging includes precision printing of logos and all required/promotional information, clear, visible and with any perforation required.

Printed Polythene Food Packaging

Protecting your fresh produce

Plastic food packaging reduces the risk of contamination and helps to keep your food fresher for longer, whilst promoting your brand in a cost effective and impactful way.


Printed polythene food bags

Our expertly printed polythene food bags are perfect for use in bakeries and delicatessens as bread bags, cake bags and for specialty breads. Our printed packaging can include a block colour with overlayed text and branding, or clear packaging with required print. See our wicketed bags for self service bread bags.