Mailing Films

Printed polythene mailing film and mailing bags for magazines and publications

Polyprint is the leading UK supplier of printed mailing films, supplying some of the biggest names in the publishing and mailing world. You will recognise many of our promotional magazine wraps from the shop shelves, or our mailer wraps that may have dropped through your door, promoting brands and services.

We provide the mailing bags for millions of copies of magazines, catalogues and publications every year, both for mailing and those designed for newsstands. Our mailing films protect brochures and leaflets while they are in transit and ensure that they arrive to your customers door, or sales stand in the very best condition. Using state of the art flexographic printing presses, we are able to provide large print runs of mailing films in full colour, dedicated to promoting your publication or mail shot. We can also offer printed courier bags with the same high print quality.


In addition to printed mailing bags our work also includes the production of printed food packaging.

flexographic printed mailing film
flexographic printing mailing film

Perfectly printed mailing bags and branded magazine wraps

Before the pack is even opened, the quality of our printed images and text will promote your brand identity and marketing messages, achieving maximum visual impact.

We manage every aspect of the flexographic printing process, from artwork to plate making, ensuring that the print design aligns with the pack contents and that you are fully satisfied with the final product. Because we manage every element of the process from start to finish, we are able to make sure the mailing bag we produce matches your unique requirements.

Make a statement with printed packaging for magazines and brochures

First impressions are everything. When your magazine or product arrives is first seen by your customer, whether it is a direct mailing or on display in a shop, you want it to look its best. Our experts will be able to advise you on how to achieve the most potential from your final product, using the flexographic printing technique. We will ensure your required design is printed clearly and that the colours are crisp.

Whether you are searching for a magazine wrap or printed film for a mail shot, we can help you find the right product for your brand. We also supply resealable plastic bags and courier bags for shipping.



Mailing Film Products

mailing wrap

Magazine Wraps

Our printed magazine wraps are the perfect platform to promote your publication, and make sure that it stands out form the crowd. Our ability to print full colour and in high detail, invites consumers to pick your publication.

printed mailing films

Promotional Mailing Wraps

Make an impression the moment your promotional mailing leaflet or letter arrives on the doorstep. Not only will you be able to promote a message from the mailing wrapping, it will also protect your media on the way to its destination.

printed mailing film for brochures

Brochure Mailing Film

Mailing films or printed bags for brochures will preserved your publication until it arrives at your customers door, or hold additional leaflets within the packaging to prevent them getting lost along the way. high quality print allows for images to really create an impact.