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Our printed food bags can reduce waste

20th December 2016

Flexible food packaging keeps food fresher for longer

We take recycling seriously and are dedicated to our green promise. In addition to our green programme, using our flexible food packaging can keep food fresher for longer. Our items, such as bread bags and banana bags, keep your food products secure and clean, from origin to final destination. Quality food bags protect food whilst using the minimum amount of packaging required.

WRAPS love food hate waste campaign, estimate that the average family throws away £700 worth of food every year.

Our perforated food bags cleverly allow food to breathe, and by keeping food in the bag until usage, you will often find that fruit or vegetables will last 3 times as long. Leading to less waste and more food being enjoyed.

In addition printed food packaging displays a wealth of information, from ingredients to company branding.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your food product, not only last longer, but thanks to our flexographic printing capabilities, stand out to your customers once it is on the shelves.